Secured Future

Admission Procedure

Vinecare Nursery and primary School commences a 39 week school year from September to July and the Year is made up of three terms. Each term comprises of about 12-13 weeks which are usually spiced up with a lot of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

1. Prospective Learners are expected to fill an enrollment form here after-which they would be contacted for further information. They can also obtain the from the school administrative office. Completed enrollment forms should be submitted to the school. Copies of birth certificate, Immunization card, and report(s) from school(s) attended previously, where applicable, are standard requirements that accompany the completed Application form.

2. Prospective Learners are to participate in a placement test. Provided the entrance test results, school reports and evaluation are satisfactory, a place will be offered.

3. A child’s place is confirmed upon payment of tuition fees within the admission stipulated time.